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CS (Lux) Global High Income Fund USD A

Clasificado 32 de 43 sobre - Mixtos Flexibles USD durante 12 meses
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Gestionado por

Christopher Schütz

Sacha Widin

Sacha Widin has been head of wealth management funds at Credit Swiss since May 2012. Prior to his current role, he led the ETF-Based Solutions area, which was specialized in ETF-based and risk-limited portfolios, for more than two years. Previously Sacha worked for over seven years as analyst and fund manager in the Swiss Equities area. He graduated in 1996 from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts with a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. He is a Certified European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and member of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association (SFAA).


This Mixed Fund is actively managed aiming to maximise returns (income). The Fund invests mainly in fixed income securities (10% - 90%) equities and equity-type securities (10% - 90%) and convertibles (0% - 20%). It invests without being limited to a specific geographic scope or industry sector.


Mixtos Flexibles USD durante : 30/09/2017 - 30/09/2018

Rentabilidad Total

Rentabilidad trimestral

a 30/09/2018 Anual T1 T2 T3 T4
2018 -4,5% 5,1% 1,6%
2017 -4,9% 2,2% -5,3% -1,6% -0,3%
2016 12,9% -2,3% 6,3% 2,2% 6,4%
2015 3,0% 14,4% -6,2% -7,6% 3,9%
2014 3,6%

Rentabilidad mensual

Rentabilidad ajustada al riesgo

Registrado Para La Venta En

  1. Austria
  2. Francia
  3. Alemania
  4. Italia
  5. Liechtenstein
  6. Luxemburgo
  7. Singapur
  8. España
  9. Suiza

Información del fondo

  • Fecha de inauguración22/09/2014
  • Tamaño del fondo59Mn
  • Moneda baseUSD
  • ISIN LU1097743329

Información de compra

  • Inversión mínima inicial1
  • Mínima aportación periódica adicional0


  • Comisión de gestión anual1,10%
  • Inversión inicial5,00%

El rendimiento es para el periodo mostrado (final de mes hasta final de mes, cotización bid/bid, interés bruto reinvertido, calculado en EUR