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BGF Global Multi-Asset Income A2 USD

Clasificado 27 de 43 sobre - Mixtos Flexibles USD durante 12 meses
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Gestionado por

Justin Christofel

Justin Christofel, CFA, CAIA, director and portfolio manager, is a member of the BlackRock Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategies (MAPS) group, which is responsible for developing, assembling, and managing global tactical asset allocation portfolios as well as outcome oriented investment solutions. Justin is a portfolio manager for the Multi-Asset Income, Global Multi-Asset Income, and Dynamic High Income Funds. He also manages traditional tactical asset allocation, managed volatility, and real return strategies for both institutional and individual investors. Prior to joining BlackRock in 2007, he was with Oliver Wyman, a consulting firm specialising in financial services. His projects spanned from retail banking to structured finance. Justin earned a BA with honours in Economics and Mathematics from Yale University.

Michael Fredericks

Michael Fredericks is head of US Retail Asset Allocation for the BlackRock's Portfolio Strategies group and the lead portfolio manager for the Multi-Asset Income and Global Multi-Asset Income Funds. Fredericks joined BlackRock in 2011 from JPMorgan Asset Management where he was an Executive Director and portfolio manager in the Global Multi-Asset Group (GMAG) responsible for retail asset allocation solutions. Fredericks holds a B.A. in Economics and History from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.P.I.A. from the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego.

Alex Shingler

Alex Shingler, CFA, managing director, and portfolio manager, is a member of the BlackRock Multi-Asset Portfolio Strategies (MAPS) group, which is responsible for developing, assembling, and managing global tactical asset allocation portfolios as well as outcome-oriented investment solutions. Prior to his current role, Alex served as a research analyst and portfolio manager within European and US Credit strategies. Before joining BlackRock in 2009 in London, he was head of European Research at R3 Capital Partners and its predecessor. From 1999 to 2007, Alex was with Seneca Capital Advisors, focusing on special situation equity and debt investments. He began his career as an analyst with JP Morgan. Alex earned a BA summa cum laude in Philosophy from Princeton University.


The Fund follows a flexible asset allocation policy that seeks an above average income without sacrificing long term capital growth. The Fund invests globally in the full spectrum of permitted investments including equities, equity-related securities, fixed income transferable securities (which may include some high yield fixed income transferable securities), units of undertakings for collective investment, cash, deposits and money market instruments. The Fund makes use of derivatives for the purposes of efficient portfolio management including the generation of additional income for the Fund.


Mixtos Flexibles USD durante : 30/09/2017 - 30/09/2018

Rentabilidad Total

Rentabilidad trimestral

a 30/09/2018 Anual T1 T2 T3 T4
2018 -4,0% 4,9% 2,3%
2017 -4,6% 1,4% -3,8% -2,0% -0,1%
2016 8,5% -4,7% 4,3% 2,0% 7,1%
2015 8,8% 14,0% -4,6% -3,8% 3,9%
2014 18,6% 2,1% 3,8% 6,2% 5,4%
2013 1,2% 6,2% -4,8% -1,4% 1,4%
2012 3,3% 0,5%

Rentabilidad mensual

Rentabilidad ajustada al riesgo

Distribución de activos



10 mayores posiciones

Acción Tamaño
iShares $ High Yield Corporate Bd UCITS ETF 2,36%
USD Cash 0,94%
BGF US Dollar High Yield Bond X6 USD 0,78%
BNP Paribas FRN 0,50%
HSBC Bank PLC FRN 0.000% 0,50%
State Street Corp 3.341% 01-Jun-2077 0,39%
Credit Suisse Group AG PERP 0,39%
Societe Generale FRN 10-Sep-2018 0,39%
Morgan Stanley DR 0,37%
Sanofi SA ORD 0,36%

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  1. Austria
  2. Bélgica
  3. Brunei Darussalam
  4. Chile
  5. República Checa
  6. Dinamarca
  7. Finlandia
  8. Francia
  9. Alemania
  10. Grecia
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Irlanda
  13. Jersey
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  15. Luxemburgo
  16. Macau
  17. Malta
  18. Holanda
  19. Noruega
  20. Polonia
  21. Portugal
  22. Singapur
  23. Eslovaquia
  24. España
  25. Suecia
  26. Suiza
  27. Reino Unido

Información del fondo

  • Fecha de inauguración28/06/2012
  • Tamaño del fondo918Mn
  • Moneda baseUSD
  • ISIN LU0784385840

Información de compra

  • Inversión mínima inicial5.000
  • Mínima aportación periódica adicional0


  • Comisión de gestión anual1,50%
  • Inversión inicial5,00%

El rendimiento es para el periodo mostrado (final de mes hasta final de mes, cotización bid/bid, interés bruto reinvertido, calculado en EUR