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Matthias Born - Ultimas noticias

Grupo alemán contrata a dúo estrella de AllianzGI

Berenberg ficha a dos grandes de Allianz GI para reforzar y expandir su división de gestión de activos

Beyond Buyers’ Market: the top funds you’ve been talking about

As Citywire Global canvasses investment professionals on a monthly basis, let’s see who has popped up in the most conversations over the past 12 months.

Continental comebacks: most improved Europe ex-UK managers

Citywire Global uncovers the specialist investors posting the strongest turnarounds over the past 12 months.

Revealed: the lone outperformer in German equities

Citywire Global uncovers the only equity manager in his sector to have consistently outperformed the average peer over the past five years.

Buyers’ Market blown-open: most popular fund managers revealed

Citywire Global takes an updated look at the fund selector favourites perennially appearing at the top of investors’ watch lists.

Getting ahead in German equities: top risk-adjusted managers revealed

DISCOVERY: Citywire Global uncovers the equity specialists posting the strongest risk-adjusted performances over both three and seven years.

Top ten most popular managers of 2013 revealed

Exclusive analysis uncovers which managers grabbed the attention of Citywire Global readers over the past year.

Beating the Dax: five German equity outperformers revealed

Following the Dax’s record push past the 9,000 mark, Citywire looks at the best German equity managers over the past three years.

On the rise: the 5 top performing eurozone equity managers revealed

As the region begins its slow move towards recovery, Citywire Global uncovers the fund managers posting the strongest three-year performance.

Leading euro equity manager remains positive on luxury goods

Allianz's Born is bullish on consumer discretionary as he sees the sector's performance follow in the steps of the staple rally.