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Fidentiis Tordesillas SICAV-Iberia Long-Short I

Clasificado 36 de 179 sobre - Alternativos - Long/Short Equity durante 12 meses
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Ricardo Seixas

Ricardo Seixas is originally from Lisbon and graduated from INDEG/ISCTE with an MA in Systems Engineering. He joined Banco Itau in 1989 as an analyst and today, manages the Fidentiis Tordesillas FIL, Fidentiis Tordesillas IBERIA and Fidentiis Tordesillas IBERIA LONG SHORT funds dealing in Iberian equities, using value-blend and active management investment styles. Ricardo has been managing Iberian equities since 1994. Outside of work Ricardo enjoys soccer, running, cycling, swimming and playing tennis.


Aims to achieve capital appreciation over the long term by investing in equities and equity related securities, in such a way that risk (notably downside risk) is substantially reduced. With its market hedging approach, the Fund aims to keep the volatility under 8% (12-month rolling daily returns volatility). Long investments are based on a fundamental stock picking, focused on gaining exposure to those companies with best expectations while short synthetic positions will aim to capture down-trend performance from those companies with worst expectations, under a deep and strict control of the performance.


Alternativos - Long/Short Equity durante : 28/02/2017 - 28/02/2018

Rentabilidad Total

Rentabilidad trimestral

a 01/01/2018 Anual T1 T2 T3 T4
2017 7,9% 2,8% 0,3% 2,3% 2,3%
2016 -2,0% 0,5% 1,4%

Rentabilidad mensual

Rentabilidad ajustada al riesgo

Registrado Para La Venta En

  1. Luxemburgo
  2. España

Información del fondo

  • Fecha de inauguración17/03/2016
  • Tamaño del fondo65Mn
  • Moneda baseEUR
  • ISIN LU1375654982

Información de compra

  • Inversión mínima inicial150.000
  • Mínima aportación periódica adicional0


  • Comisión de gestión anual1,25%
  • Inversión inicial1,25

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